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  • Industrial Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Methocel Replacement HPMC Wall Putty

Industrial Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Methocel Replacement HPMC Wall Putty

HPMC Description

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) is also named as MHPC, are types of non-ionic cellulose ether, which are a powder of white to off-white color, that function as a thickener, binder, film-former, surfactant, protective colloid, lubricant, emulsifier, and suspension and water retention aid. In addition, these types of cellulose ethers exhibit properties of thermal gelation, metabolic inertness, enzyme resistance, low odor and taste, and pH stability.We can provide the general grade HPMC, we also designed the modified HPMC according to customer requirements. After modified, we can get the product which have long open time, good anti-sagging,good workability etc.

CAS NO.: 9004-65-3

Product Name

HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose)

Content of Methoxy


Content of Hydroxypropyl


Temperature of Gelation






PH Value



White Powder


80-100 Mesh


200 to 200,000 it can be customized according customer needs.

Surface treatment

Cold water instant type:surface treated

Non-instant type:without surface treatment


HPMC Applications


Cement Plaster / Dry mix mortar

Easy dry mix formula due to cold water solubility: lump formation can be easily avoided, ideal for heavy tiles. Good water retention: prevention of fluid loss to the substrates, the appropriate water content is kept in mixture which guarantees longer concreting time. Increased water demand: increased open time, expanded spry area and more economical formulation. Easier spreading and improved sagging resistance due to improved consistency.

Wall putty

Water retention: maximized water content in slurry. Anti-sagging: when spreading a thicker coat corrugation can be avoided. Increased mortar yield: depending on the weight of the dry mixture and appropriate formulation ,HPMC can increase the mortar volume.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System ( EIFS )

Improved adhesion. Good wetting ability for EPS board and substrate. Reduced air entrancement and water uptake.

Self-leveling Compound

Protection from water exudation and material sedimentation. No effect on slurry fluidity with low viscosity HPMC, while its water retention characteristics improve the finish performance on the surface.


Company Profile

Jinzhou City Honghai Cellulose Co.,Ltd is manufacture of various industrial cellulose ether products which have own  researching, developing and production departments.We have 8 modern automatic production lines with annual output above 20,000 tons of cellulose ether.Our main product is Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) widely used in the construction industry-ceramic tile slurry, crack filler, self-leveling mortar, thermal insulation  mortar, putty powder, coating glue, cement-based plastering mortar and cement-based ceramic tile adhesive . And we could also customized according to customers required viscosity, water retention, specific gravity of products. We have successfully passed the most authentications of ISO 9001 certificate. Professional team,direct manufacturer,quality assurance,good faith service.Please enjoy your one-stop shopping service here! Welcome inquiry and place order.


Packing and Delivery

Storage and Delivery:

Prevent rain and sunny, prevent fire and damp, airtight ventilation preservation, according to non-dangerous goods shipping.


25KG per bag or as client requirement.

12 metric tons of palletized goods in 20' container  

24 metric tons of palletized goods in 40' container

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