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Tile Adhesives

Better Workability

The shear-thinning and air-entraining properties of Honghai® HPMC give HPMC modified tile adhesives a better workability, as well as higher work efficiency, from yield/coverage and faster tiling sequence stand points.

Improves Water Retention

Honghai® HPMC improves water retention in ti le adhesives. This helps increase final adhesion strength as well as prolong open time. Prolonged open time also leads to faster tiling rate as it allows the worker to trowel a larger area before setting the tiles down, as opposed to troweling the adhesive onto each tile before setting the tile down.

Provides Slip/Sag Resistance

Modified Honghai® HPMC also provides slip/sag resistance, so that heavy tiles or non-porous tiles do not slip down from the vertical surface.

Increases Adhesion Strength

Honghai® HPMC give tile adhesive more adhesive strength. High temperature adaptability of HPMC also provide more open time and adjustment time for tile adhesive under high temperature conditions.

Tile Adhesives

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