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Self-Leveling Flooring

Prevents Segregation and Bleeding

HONGHAI® HPMC is a wonderful suspension aid. At low viscosities, it can provide solid particle suspension along with good flow-ability, preventing segregation and bleeding.

Reduces Curing Complexities

In finishing a large self-leveled surface, curing becomes problematic, since any coverings will cause surface blemishes. Thus no cover could be used for curing. HONGHAI® HPMC's water retention ability al lows the placed surface develop strength via proper hydration whi le delaying the onset of shrinkage, thereby reducing the possibility of cracking.

Increases Final Strength

Because of the large surface area to volume ratio, incomplete hydration due to evaporation becomes one primary causes of premature strength failure of self-leveling compounds. High water retention abilities of HONGHAI® HPMC can prevent such failures by allowing cement to hydrate completely, thus allowing higher strength to be developed.

Self-Leveling Flooring

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