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Masonry Mortars

Improves Stability and Consistency

HONGHAI® HPMC can reduce and eliminate the bleeding and segregation in mortars and concrete, thereby imparting superior stability and consistency to mortars and concrete.

Efficient Thickening

With a very minor addition of HONGHAI® HPMC, usually in the range of 0.3% to 1% of dry bulk weight of cement and aggregates, the mortar or concrete could be properly thickened to desired viscosity, slump, or workability. This can provide excellent consistency, green strength, and mold ability.


Because HONGHAI® HPMC is also a surfactant, it has ability to trap small amount of tiny air bubbles. Often time, these micro bubbles are highly valued for its ability to increase volumetric yield, coverage areas, and workability.

Increases Water Retention

HONGHAI® HPMC excels in binding water, thus resulting in superb water retention by the mortar from the stone, blocks or bricks. Proper hydration is crucial for cement strength and durabi l ity development. By keeping the water in the mortar longer, the cement hydration reaction is able to complete, resulting in higher strength. High water retention also keeps premature drying shrinkage from occurring, thus reducing cracking due to drying shrinkage, which also ultimately contribute to higher strength and durability.

Increases Work Efficiency

With the addition of HONGHAI® HPMC, masonry mortars becomes creamy but consistent. The shear thinning behavior lends itself to easy workability but excel lent sag-resistence, thus saving labor effort for the workers. The water retention imparts long potlife, crack-resistence, and ultimately higher final adhesion strength.

Masonry Mortars

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