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Provides Slip Resistance

HONGHAI® HPMC modified EIFS adhesives provide the slip-resistance needed to hold the EPS or XPS boards in place before anchor plates are installed.

Increases Adhesion Strength

Although mesh lath enables reinforcement, it also increases surface area, enabling the mortar adhesive to dry out quicker. The water retention provided by HONGHAI® HPMC can delay mortar drying thereby allowing higher adhesion strength to develop.

Prolongs Open Time

Some times corrections need to be made after EPS or XPS panels are placed. HONGHAI® HPMC can give workers prolonged open time to correct such mistakes without having to clean up old adhesive and applying new adhesives.

Improves pump-ability

For insulating plasters, HONGHAI® HPMC's shear-thinning behavior imparts pump-ability as well as good segregation control, especially these slightly larger insulating particles are much lighter than the fine sand and cement particles.


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